Congratulations! C-Smartlink moved to new factory in Nov. 2020!

Dec. 01, 2020


Congratulations!  C-Smartlink moved to new factory in Nov. 2020!

Our new factory address is:

C-Smartlink Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Building 1-201, No. 91  Hengping Road, Baoan Community, Yuanshan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 

The total construction area of the production workshop is 7,500 square meters, each floor is 1,500 square meters, 1F is planned as warehouse &IQC&MSD component storage location; 2F for the staff office, and the R&D department covers 350 square meters; 3F is USB-C HUB production workshop, with 8 assembly lines planned and a capacity of 350K/ month; 4F is Hub production, Cable production workshop, with monthly production capacity of 250K; 5F to be planned.

Staff dormitory 2500 square meters, all equipped with air conditioning, water heaters, pure water application, washing machines and other living facilities. Another planning basketball court,activity room, terrace activities and other entertainment facilities.


Wish the best future to C-Smartlink and all friends!!

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